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Creative Costume and Froth

LARPers frothing about frocks and more
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This community is for LARPers who are creating or putting together costume for LARP events, freeforms, and Cons, primarily in the UK.

Why UK? Because lovely and talented as our friends on the other side of the pond are, the suppliers etc are all different, and that can be frustrating.

It started after Coronation, a Maelstrom event, where there were lots of fabulous frocks, and a few of us wanted to froth about our costumes, but everyone is welcome!

Unisex, Male costume, armour, uniforms, make-up, prosthetics, phys-reps, accessories and kit are all on topic, as well as frocks, but the emphasis is on the creative aspect of putting a costume together. Descriptions of charachter concepts, games and rules are OK if relevant to the costuming aspects, but rules lawyers, move along, this is not the costume community you are looking for.

Dress diaries, sewing and crafting tips etc especially welcome.

I have added a system of tags, to help people find what they want.

So far we have

accessories, armour, big frocks, books, costume projects, critique, discussion, eyecandy, fabric, for sale, froth, introductions, kit, male costume, mod post, newbie advice, patterns, reference, resources, stitch 'n 'bitch, suppliers, technique, traders, websites.

Please add tags to your posts, and if there is anything I've left out, suggest away. I will add them myself if I get time, but it's much easier if everyone does it!

Most should be self explanatory. Eyecandy is where you show off your costumes for everyone to go ooh and ahh, critique is if you want constructive suggestions on a work in progress, kit is anything that isn't worn but adds to your roleplaying expereince, and stitch'n'bitch is for trying to find sewing buddies. Traders sell complete garments, suppliers sell fabric, notions and materials.

When I see something particularly profound, useful, or that answers questions posted by members I shall add it to the memories so we can build up a resource.

If you think something is memory worthy, please comment!

Rules are simple.

Play nice, keep criticism constructive and helpful, use the link tool, and keep big images and very long posts under a cut to save all our friends pages, and use common sense about what is on topic. Costume related sales, links to good suppliers of complete costume, second hand costume, supplies, patterns etc also welcome, just don't overdo it.

Feel free to make suggestions about what would make it a good community for you.